About Mixtured

Mixtured is music nerds making mixes for music nerds. It employs a collaborative process to create digital mixtapes concerned with random, revolving themes. Together, the participants provide an engaging perspective on the topic.

Here’s how it works: After a theme is selected for a particular mix, ten people are chosen by the curator to participate. In turn, each of those ten participants chooses one guest to play along too, giving every mix a total 20 collaborators from varied backgrounds. An order is arbitrarily selected for each participant, from 1 to 20, and then the compilation begins when the first participant chooses a song that fits within the parameters of the theme. The next person in line chooses another song and so on down the list of participants. The catch: songs may not repeat and only one song per artist is allowed. If someone else chooses the Stones before it’s your turn, tough luck. This process creates a fun discussion among the collaborators — many of whom do not know each other — and, in the end, an interesting mix for posting on Mixtured.

To read more about the origins of Mixtured, check out this Q+A. To get involved in a future Mixtured project, click here.

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